Digital Signage

Digital signage, also known as dynamic digital signage, DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) or narrowcasting, is a multimedia platform with we can share information in different formats (html, video, text and images) through an IP network to digital devices or displays.
The dynamic digital signage offers a flexible and interactive communication platform to promote, inform, educate and entertain a defined audience at a specific time and place.

Media Players

BrightSign players and content management systems

Logo BrightSig

BrightSign has a full line of compact players (videoplayers) of high definition video (HD and 4K native). With a wide range of solutions and prices, this players offers reliable platform, robust and easy to handle, ideal to provide a solution effective and dynamic digital signage.

All in one AVNU solutions


AVNU screens are all in one digital signage solution that allows you to manage content without connecting any external device. BrightSign player includes a built a 10-point capacitive touch screen with anti-coating oleofòbic fingerprints, BrightAuthor free management software and 7/24 operating time. PoE+ on 10” and 15” models

Sensors and triggers

Logo Nexmosphere elements for experience

Nexmosphere develops new concept products that allow rich experience and intuitive digital signage. It has a wide range of elements, such as light sensors, touch, video, audio, presence collection and connected to a controller lets you customize the customer experience.

Cayin players and content management system

Logo Cayin

CAYINtech systems are based on PC architecture Linux. Along with the software digital signage network included, are already sold in over 65 countries. What stands Cayin solution is the simplicity of its advanced remote management and scalability of their products which can collaborate to compose any combination that meets the needs of each project.

Professional displays

Pro displays