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Reuniones conectadas

Companies are transforming the way we do business. Current technology enables teams to collaborate in any environment, whether near or distant.

Organizations today require specific equipment to its meeting or process control rooms: room reservation, video conferencing, professional monitors, monitors, interactive control systems, projection screens, connectivity …

imaginArt collaborates with leading companies in the sector as Newline, EPSON, Gogeta, Vaddio, Kramer, Creston, Abtus to equip work spaces with any need. Best equipment and our engineers with 25 years of experience will help you to design the most effective solution with the best quote for your clients.

Salas de reunión
Room reservations

One of the issues when organizations grows up is the management of common areas. The rooms reservation systems allow to optimize this management, making the inversion of companies more profitable and a more easy and productive collaborative work.

Reserva de salas Goget
Monitores interactivos
Interactive displays

Businesses, schools and governments are increasingly interested in a new way to collaborate through interactive displays. The natural evolution from interactive whiteboards to interactive monitors is possible thanks to the constant price drop, easyest installation and improved user experience incorporating new interactive monitors.

Monitor interactivo
Collaboration systems

The collaboration systems are used to provide connectivity between devices-whether personal computers, tablets or smartphones- and monitors or projectors installed in classrooms, meeting rooms and/or training.

Sala de reuniones

The market for videoconferencing rooms USB is growing fast. The new simple and low cost videoconferencing solutions allow organizations far more flexibility and cost savings in both, time and travel. imaginArt find everything you need to equip meeting and huddle rooms with fixed or motorized cameras, audio capture and playback and signal management for video conferencing.

Sala de reuniones
Conexión y sonido
Sound and connectivity

One of the keys that allow effective meetings in a room is a complete connectivity but simple use. Easy connections of devices, selection of video source, audio volume control accessible … The use of active control boxes and quality sound greatly facilitate the reproduction of audiovisual content that is more and more present in the world of business and education.


The projectors are still the best solution for many installations in meeting rooms, classrooms and other spaces that for the dimensions or other constraints do not allow the use of displays. We have the best range of projectors and all their accessories: supports, projection screens of all types, cabling, connectivity … to ensure the best installation possible in every circumstance.